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Devotional and Song Story

by Jennie Lee Riddle, writer of “Revelation Song” and co-writer of “Favorite” with Ryan Kennedy and Michelle McGovern

‘You make me feel like Your favorite’

The opening lyric of the chorus stands in direct contrast at times to our circumstances. Our circumstances provoke us to believe that God may be mad at us; that He possibly could abandon us—that He might not be good or trustworthy. The truth is that He loves us unswervingly… each of us. And He loves us entirely too much to let us remain afraid and refuses to let us stay the same. He wants us to grow up healthy, strong, mature, complete and lacking nothing. He’s a good Father. He adores us.

I wonder if we should have written, ‘One day I’m going to experience in my emotions what it FEELS like to be your favorite, but right now I feel like I’m going to drown!’

Our flesh doesn’t always feel loved. As a matter of fact, our flesh feels fearful of closeness with God. As well it should! God has every intention of seeing our flesh embrace the cross. If it yells loud enough, our spirit sometimes wants to agree… but God presses in close. He breathes His courage and willingness to face what is seemingly impossible. He bids us to adventure out with Him on the waves. He asks us to forgive. He tells us to let go of the rim of the boat and the offenses. He invites us to change. He invites us to miracles. He invites us to be like Him. He invites us to be overcomers. He invites to be co-heirs with Christ.

That is no small thing. That is both enormous love and trust and proof of value and a call to rise higher. Our flesh can’t go (or remain) where He is calling us.

Join us in standing before God. Turn and face Him. Take hold of His hand. Step out. Begin again.

We invite you to you to experience (in real life) the reality of the bridge.

‘You choose me to walk with You through the fire
You use my song to hush the lion’s roar.
You trust me STILL to serve You in the battle
It’s worth my life to have the chance to know You more…’

ARTIST: People & Songs
CCLI SONG#: 7122252