Worship For Everyone

Worship for Everyone is a Christian faith-based movement to resource and equip collective singing in churches, schools and families.

Worship for Everyone seeks to be not purely ‘family worship’ but ‘family-of-God worship’ – elevating the importance of children while engaging every age and stage of life.

Worship for Everyone seeks to demonstrate and release the power of unity across generations in worship, believing in the intergenerational formation that comes from worshipping as the big family of God. 

Come Now and Worship…Together!

Come Now and Worship…Together!

Christmas is an intergenerational moment for our culture and our churches. Just as nuclear families across the world are spending time together, celebrating the birth of Jesus (whether they believe in him or not!), the big family of God are also spending more time in worship together, with carol services, nativities and all-age celebrations. So,… View Article