Navigating Seasons of Change as a Worship Leader

Are you in a season of change or considering a transition? Whether it’s a move to another city, changing your role at your church, or changing churches, these seasons can present a lot of challenges as a worship leader. We can doubt ourselves and think we may be doing the wrong thing. We may be worried about how it will impact the ministry we are leaving or our families. Artist and worship leader Patrick Mayberry joined Matt McCoy to give tips for navigating these seasons well.

1. Have the conversation

When you start to feel the tipping point where you want to make a change, and you feel called by God to make a change, it’s important to have the conversation with your church staff.

Patrick: “One thing I’ve learned from our Pastors at Soul City Church is they have always said, ‘We would much rather sit down and have a conversation, then you walk in with a conclusion.’ I have clung to that. For people who are contemplating a change, if you feel it, and (if you’re married) your spouse feels it, I would encourage you to have a conversation with your leadership. Do this before you say you found a better job and are out in two weeks. You have no idea what God’s doing behind the scenes. If you’re unhappy in your position, share that and have a conversation about that.”

It’s also great to get advice from others who have gone through seasons of change before.

Patrick: “Before our Pastor planted Soul City in Chicago, he was at another church. So I asked him what it was like when God called him to plant this church and leave his other role. That’s almost everyone’s story. I came to him and said, ‘Here’s what we’re feeling, I would love your wisdom because I think that I need to move and I don’t know what this looks like.’ We did it together. I shared in December and we left in August. But we didn’t leave the church entirely and we came up with a new role for me to still be involved. I wouldn’t have come up with that if I did it all on my own.”

Don’t be isolated when making the decision. Invite people in to help you navigate the season.

2. Help your church transition

When you have talked with your church and are in the process of transitioning to a new role, new church or new city, it’s important to leave well. Whether you’re leaving in two weeks or six months, do what you can to help your church.

Patrick: “Work twice as hard for however much time you have. If you aren’t a strategic thinker, get with someone who is and have them help you. Help identify who on your team may be able to take your place. Think of how you can transition smoothly. When I left our church, we came up with a plan for when to tell the whole team, when to tell our church body, etc. If you can help it, don’t just give a two weeks notice. You don’t have to drag it out, but work with your leadership as much as possible.”

Sometimes we don’t make a certain change because we are worried we will regret it. By trusting God and helping your church transition can help you not regret what you do next later.

Patrick: “Don’t go rogue and just bail. I think that’s what can lead to regret. I think God loves us enough to guide our steps. So if you’re trying your best to discern and follow where you think the Holy Spirit is leading you, go with it. Try to keep discerning what God is saying and invite trusted people in that have walked through similar transitions.”

3. Don’t forget to “be” where you are

You may be at a point where you want a new season, but aren’t sure what that is yet. Pray and ask God that he open doors and show you what’s next. But also don’t forget to serve well and be where you are now.

Patrick: “The greatest spot for you to be is right where you are in this present moment. You’re not in the future or the past. You are with the Holy Spirit in this moment. So crush it! Work really hard and steward it.”

For more tips on how to navigate seasons of change and hear more of Patrick’s story, check out the full interview below!


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