Building a Worship Team w/ Patrick Mayberry

If you’re a part of a new church plant or a small church, it can be tough to build a worship team. Finding volunteers and having consistency can be a challenge. Artist and worship leader Patrick Mayberry joins Matt McCoy to talk about how to build a worship team.

How do you find people?

One of the biggest challenges is actually finding people that are willing to serve on a worship team. But it’s important to not be disappointed with where you’re at and where God has you.

Patrick: “I think first knowing where you are is important. If you just have the pastor’s son playing cajon and you on guitar, go out and crush it every week. Don’t get down on yourself if you don’t have the most rock-and-roll 10 piece band, yet. God has you right where you are in this season. Rehearse just as much as you would if you had a full band. I’ve found good attracts good. Steward what God has put in front of you to try week in and week out to create very intentional, very Spirit dependent, worship with what you have. Having a lot of patience and being content with where you are is the first key.”

What are the steps to actually finding people?

Patrick: “I would pray, a lot. If you need a drummer, start praying for a drummer and then be ready. You might meet that drummer at the UPS Store and because you stopped to talk to him and got to know him, you might learn he’s a great drummer. God is really faithful when you can specifically ask for things.

Get creative. I used to go into Facebook groups of guitar players and ask if anyone was in the Chicago area and wanted to get coffee. One of our best guitarists I met up with at a coffee shop and he has served with us for four years.

One Sunday I saw a guy in our congregation just singing and going for it. After service I set down my guitar and walked right up to him and said, “Hey dude, you look like you’re a worshipper. I saw you and you seem to really be worshipping.” I invited him to lead worship with us and now he’s on staff, leads worship every two weeks, and is one of my best friends. There’s not one answer to finding people. You gotta get scrappy.”

In the early days, when you may not have anyone serving with you, how picky can you be with the quality of people on your team?

Matt: “Last week I met a guy in the lobby who said he played drums. I asked him how long he played and he said 5-10 years. I asked if he can play to a click and he said yes. So I said “You’re in!” I haven’t done an audition with him, and I have no clue if he can really play. But I’m gonna go for it because I have no one to play drums.”

Patrick: “I love that you’re doing that. Because it’s gonna be fine. Let’s say it bombs and he’s the worst drummer in the world. Everything is gonna be fine. Your pastor is still gonna preach the Gospel. It may be a little distracting, but you’ll figure it out. It can feel like Sunday morning is protected, but there needs to be space for people to fail. You can do that.”

To hear more ways on how to build a worship team, get volunteers to be consistent, and to build a culture, watch the full interview below!