Recording at Home with Steinberg Cubase

Presented by CCLI, Steinberg, and Mixdown Online

CCLI has partnered with audio-specialist Steinberg and Mixdown Online’s Chris Selim to present this video series for worship leaders and church musicians wanting to record and share their songs and ideas. Learn how to arrange and record at home using Cubase Elements.

How To Setup Your First Cubase Session

An introduction to the gear you’ll need and setting up your software.

How To Record Virtual Instruments Using Midi

In this video, Chris walks us through using a midi controller to record your song ideas with virtual instruments.

Recording Instruments and Vocals

In this video, Chris shows us how to track vocals and instruments to a home recording project.

How To Mix and Export Your Recording Project

In this video, Chris shows us how to mix and export a song that you can share with your worship team or church.


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