Take Your Easter Experience to the Next Level  


Your Easter service is likely THE most attended of any other holiday. Since some of these visitors may only walk through your doors (or stream your service) once or twice a year, it’s important to engage and interact in meaningful ways. No pressure, right?  

We know the holidays can be stressful for worship leaders, from coordinating programs to recruiting volunteers and planning Easter services to choosing and rehearing the music, all to celebrate the hope of the resurrection. We get it; it’s no small undertaking! But, with a few key tools and resources, you can reach, gather, and inspire your community this Easter and every Sunday to come (because that’s ultimately the goal, right?!)  

Here at CCLI, our mission is to educate and equip the church. We’ve put together some of our favorite resources (besides SongSelect) to help you plan, prepare, and elevate your Easter services.  

How many times have you found yourself staying up late to finish a presentation? Or needing to transfer presentations and media from home to church? WorshipTools created software tools to equip your worship team and enhance your congregation’s experience. You can build your service flow by adding songs, sermons, notes, and details. Your service flow instantly syncs with Presenter and Music Stand, so that you create it once, and it’s complete. The service is shareable and printable, so your whole team is on the same page.  

Presenter is a simple presentation solution designed exclusively for churches and ministries. Presenter’s core is Cloud Sync, which allows you to sync all your presentation assets with the cloud, giving you the freedom to access your song lyrics, videos, images, and cue lists from any computer.  

With additional features such as easy to edit setlists, creative motion loops, built-in Bibles, remote and stage display, and seamless integration with SongSelect, it’s hard to beat the ease and flexibility of Presenter for planning your service. And the best part, it’s free! 

Music Stand allows you to build worship setlists easily. Find the song you need, edit the chart, or transpose it to the desired key. Your worship team can switch chord chart types, and modify lyrics, and chords quickly. Each musician can take notes, add comments, and markup their music. With automatic updates across devices, worship leaders can change keys on the fly.

Loop Community provides worship leaders with quality and affordable tracks, hardware, software & training. They make using tracks simple so you can focus on what matters.  

Are you a smaller church looking to create a bigger sound for your Easter celebration? Or maybe you want to fill some instrumental holes you couldn’t fill otherwise. Look no further. Loop offers multitracks, community tracks, master tracks, and premium tracks.  

To make using tracks in worship even easier, Loop created the free Prime App that saves time by inputting your tracks and setlists together. Best thing of all, the Prime App is auto-reporting enabled. You can download it in the app store today.

Visit LoopCommunity.com for all your multitracks, software & hardware today.

In addition to the actual worship services, Easter is a time to gather and celebrate as a community. From egg hunts to spring concerts, Lenten retreats to seminars, music plays a huge role in setting the groundwork for fellowship opportunities.  

The PERFORMmusic License from Christian Copyright Solutions, allows you to play or perform you can music outside of your services. With over 28 million songs, both Christian and secular songs are covered. 

Visit christiancopyrightsolutions.com to learn more.

Worship Artistry is the best way to practice and learn worship music online. Members have access to over 500 lessons with transposable chord charts, sheet music, notation, and tabs.  

Features such as instrument-specific skill-building lessons, rehearsal mixes to isolate and play your part, and vocal mixes with harmony track-switching make this online tool invaluable to worship teams. Interactive song lessons provide as much or as little teaching as a musician needs; beginners can watch in-depth instruction while advanced players can watch play-throughs and check the chord charts. 

The library of praise and worship songs is updated weekly with the latest worship songs and includes tried and true pieces sung for centuries. Looking for something specific for Easter? You can find Easter-themed songs in their online tutorials. Don’t have a 30-piece band featured on the newest recording of your favorite worship song? Most churches don’t. So they arrange each song for a 5-piece. Don’t have a team? Each guitar and keyboard lesson features a solo chapter for leading the music on your own.  

No matter how your church celebrates this year, we hope these tools and resources help make planning, preparing, and celebrating the joy of Easter just a little bit easier, allowing you to focus on spreading the Good News to your congregation.