Three Reasons to Use Tracks in Worship

Have you heard about using multitracks at your church, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Whether you are a large or small church, using tracks can help your worship team.

Here are three reasons to consider using tracks at your church: 

1. Replace missing musicians
If you are leading worship by yourself, or with just a few musicians, using tracks can allow you to add in any instruments that you want played but don’t have covered. By using the tracks in Loop Community’s free app Prime, you can easily mute and adjust the volume of any tracks.

2. Keep your band together
Playing with tracks and using a click track can help your band stay together. If your band is in time, you can more easily focus on leading worship. 

3. Fill out your sound
If you don’t have a lot of musicians your band can sound empty. By using tracks, you can fill out your sound by adding just a few simple pads and instruments. Loop Community offers a variety of track types, including Enhancement Tracks that won’t overlap with any instruments on stage, so that you can fill in the sound of your band how you want.

Loop Community has the largest catalog of tracks for worship and makes running tracks easy at an affordable price. Watch this video about how to get started, and use the coupon code CCLITRACK to get your 50% off your first track order on!